This Friday, New Yorkers will have a very unique opportunity to see No. 19 Music’s Tone of Arc live. They, along with several other house producers, will be performing at the haven for underground music; Verboten in Brooklyn. Tone of Arc is comprised of producer and multi-instrumentalist Derrick Boyd (Dead Seal) and vocalist Zoe Presnick. Their performance is unlike others because it is presented live. This internationally-recognized indie house duo has a strong stage presence and are well-versed musicians that bring a wide range of sounds to the table. If you want a preview, Tone of Arc currently has one full-length album out titled The Time Was Right.

Other house and underground artists such as German producer Alex Niggeman, Greg Pidcock, Ray Zuniga, Scarlett Etienne and John Dill will be on the docket for Friday night. Each performer will bring a different element to the night. Those craving quality underground sounds should check it out at Verboten’s Control Room which is specifically designed to house dance events.

The show starts at 11 PM and you can find your tickets here.

Written by: Danie Fishman