Tender Games is the brainchild of two German producers; Ulrich Harrison AKA HRRSN, and his more-than-trusty sidekick, Marlon Hoffstadt. As individuals, both Harrison and Hoffstadt have made quite the names for themselves over the past year. HRRSN is the owner of the fast-emerging Berlin imprint Well Done! (and an impressive musician to boot), while Hoffstadt – both on solo duties and alongside Harrison – has embarked on an emphatic production streak that’s seen his talents perk the ears of some of the scene’s foremost movers and shakers. The song “In A Mess” is a wonderful ear pleaser that is up there with the likes of “Wildfire” by SBTRKT, while still bringing something new to the table. With a beautiful garage beat, and vocals to establish the emotion of the song, this song is just begging to be played and remixed countless times. To find out more about this duo and their spectacular song, Electric Sloth recently got an interview with Ulrich and Marlon:

ES: What does the song In A Mess mean to you?
Ulrich: The song means quite a lot to me, as I produced and recorded it a long time ago and waited until the right time to release it. I always felt it has potential and I am happy to see it released finally!

ES: What inspired the song?

Ulrich: I´m a pretty unreasonable guy so I get into these situations quite often – I often find myself being torn between what feels right to me, and what actually is right…

ES: If you only had one day left on earth, what would you do?

Marlon: What a question 🙂 I dont really know. I would probably spend all my money on food, alcohol, and fun with my friends! But lucky me, its not my last day on earth 🙂

Ulrich: Spend it with my family.

ES: Which artists do you take inspiration from?

Marlon: Thats difficult to answer. It really depends on my mood and on what i am working on. Sometimes i listen to old soul music, but sometimes its just house music, or modern pop music from the UK.
There are many talented artists i look up too and who inspire me a lot!

Ulrich: I really listen to everything almost. I like Deerhunter and Radiohead quite a lot . But also R. Kelly, The Isley Brothers and so on… But as far as electronic music goes I listen to a lot of SBTRKT, Jacques Greene, Jamie XX, Shlohmo.. Honestly there are way to many good artists out there.

ES: What is your creative process?

Ulrich: Most of the time it´s something I hear or see, or a sound of a synth. I get an idea and then the song sort of unfolds in my head and I try not to lose it. Then I lay down a pretty detailed sketch; for this album specifically, I have made a lot of these sketches. After that, we sat in the studio and worked from there on. Normally I´ll record the lyrics onto the sketches and we arrange them once the song is being finished up. Other times I´ll send him an idea and he sends back a whole song. And when we´re in the studio at the same time we sort of just have similar ideas so it´s really just recording instruments, laying down beats and playing around with vocals – which all goes quite fast sometimes. It varies, but as you can see the workflow is quite smooth.

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