Trish Hosein, better known as Trishes, is an indie/pop singer and her new single “Swimming Pool” is something that is sure to catch your attention. Opening with a vocal hook that’s catchy enough to get you moving, and then is followed up with a drum pattern and bass that could be matched up with the likes of Lorde. “Swimming Pool” is definitely a song that will be a summer anthem to those that come across it. We here at Electric Sloth were lucky enough this week to sit down with Trishes and ask her some questions!

What does the song mean/significance to you?
I’m proud of this song because I feel like it strikes a balance between being a fun and catchy summertime jam while hinting at some deeper themes and issues. Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally a song about being super hot in the summer and not having a pool to jump into. At its core though, it’s a classic tale of the “have’s” versus the “have nots.” The kids without the pool spying on the kid with the pool who won’t let them use it. What I really hope comes across is that eventually, the “have nots” realize that they’re having more fun scheming to get into the pool than if they actually had one. There’s a lot of camaraderie in common struggle and a lot of fun in being thrifty I think. I wanted to portray that. At this point in my life I’m learning more and more to appreciate the journey and the people I’m on that journey with rather than lamenting the distance to the destination, so that’s a theme that’s been sticking with me. But also it’s about being SUPER HOT and not having a pool to jump into.
What inspired the song?
I vividly remember writing the chorus to this song. I was nannying three children in the San Fernando Valley in the middle of summer. I drove the family’s Honda Odyseyy Mini Van (which is in itself a funny image to me) to pick the kids up from school, but the car was always parked outside. In the sun. And the heat. I can feel the sting of the silver tip of the belt buckle already. The burn of the leather seats. On my way to pick up the kids one afternoon I was day dreaming about jumping into their pool, fully clothed, and started singing this chorus to myself.
What artists inspire you?
St. Vincent, Regina Spektor and Coldplay are probably my greatest inspirations. As far as the ladies go they are just so fierce and so unapologetically themselves. They have such distinct voices and interesting ways of communicating with their listeners and I feel like that is such a gift. I think instruments can be learned, even songwriting can be taught to some degree, but being a true artist is something you’re born with and they are masters of their artistry. They have such a clear vision. Chris Martin I feel is one of the greatest songwriters of our time. He states things so simply and perfectly and I can’t really wrap my head around how he does it. It’s so honest.
How did you get started in music?
I think I was always loud and I’ve been singing all around my family since I can remember. I started writing songs when I was really young. Like 1st grade. And then someone stole my songbook and read it to the class and I was so embarrassed that I didn’t write songs again until I was about 12.
What do you hope to achieve in your musical career?
My goal musically is to write and perform music that is commercial and accessible, while talking about real things and inserting quirky melodies and arrangements. I want to create something different but still relatable and I want to shake up pop radio. As far as my career goes, right now I really just want to tour. The world is a fascinating place and I can’t imagine anything more awesome than exploring it and performing at the same time.
Do you come from a musical background? (family/school/friends/etc.)
My family isn’t particularly musical but my mother always has the most interesting and elegant ways to verbalize thoughts. The metaphors she uses in every day speech aren’t your common idioms so they really hit you the way a metaphor should. I think that’s helped me lyrically. My dad has always been really into music but never pursued it more than a listener. I was lucky that all the public schools I attended had strong music programs. I don’t know what I would do without arts education in school and it’s sad that it’s not a priority these days. I was particularly lucky to attend Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, which is a public arts school. I got to spend my days singing and writing and I’m so thankful to the teachers and staff there. After high school I went to the Berklee College of Music and studied Songwriting and Music Business. That school kicked my ass and I cried A LOT first semester because everyone was so incredible and I felt inferior. Students are constantly critiqued in class which was hard but also an invaluable learning experience. It gave me thick skin and taught me how to take criticism and use it to better myself.
If you could spend the day with one dead celebrity, who would it be, and why?
My initial reaction to this question was John Lennon and my secondary reaction was Michael Jackson. They’re both such legendary figures and played a huge role in music. I feel like MJ would offer advice more readily and John might just wanna party. MJ would take me on a spiritual journey or something.