The well-known, international electronic music festival, Mysteryland, is having its inaugural US event during Memorial Day Weekend. We can already gather that this festival will be one for the books. Held at the original Woodstock festival grounds at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in New York, Mysteryland USA looking is looking to push the boundaries of music festivals by adding a new technological advance. Festival-goers will experience a completely cashless weekend.

Attendees will be given their wristbands including an RFID chip, which will be used to pay for various things throughout the festival such as vendors and merchandisers. Those with the band can load money onto this chip before the festival, top off during, and receive refunds of any unused cash afterwards. This new advancement will eliminate the need to carry cash or cards (also preventing theft and fraud), will speed up food and drink purchases, and make business easier for vendors. This is a technology we are expecting to see soon at all major festivals. It has been tested at European festivals with VIP and backstage applications and now, we’ll all get to experience it forĀ ourselves.

Written by: Danie Fishman