Franck Rivoire – aka Danger – is one of the leading artists of the young generation of music producers. Acclaimed as a musician, he is a graphic designer above all. The visual dimension extent of his work is essential in his artistic statement. He features a world designed like a screenplay – using the “nerd” generation symbols and icons as well as the realm of movies and video games.

With only 3 EPs released and very little information about him, nothing prevented him from gathering people around his project and to become pretty well-known (more than 115k fans on Facebook). Directing his own part through live performances and blending mangas/ comics influences and augmented reality in an extreme way, he already played gigs worldwide (New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Mexico, Sydney, Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing, etc.). He also produced remixes for famous international acts such as La RouxEstelle ft Kanye WestEmpire of the sunSébastien Tellier,One Republic
On April 28th the world played with Danger with his highly-anticipated EP release, July 2013. The EP has received high recognition as it has reached the #5 spot on the US iTunes electro charts#3 on French iTunes Electro charts and still rising. If you see vigilantes dawning masks and headphones, you can almost guarantee they are in on the Danger.

Danger‘s song “1:30” is a blast of bass in your face that would remind any music lover of an early Bassnectar track. This song has a synthy opening and bridge that is filled in between with a bass line and drum pattern that could be dubstep, but offers so much more. The music video offers viewers a magnificent look into the world and art of Danger, who’s sic-fi art style is only paralleled by his music.

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