This past Friday the Electric Sloth team got the chance to cover a legend in the ATL trap scene. Producer/dj Daniel Disaster, the performing side of the duo known as Heroes x Villains (Daniel Disaster & Pete H) and MC Julian Caesar put on a hell of a show at a warehouse location, known as “Somewhere Loud” in San Diego. After stopping his drug usage & killing his alter ego, DJ Megan Foxxx, Daniel looked to stray from playing dubstep and trap houses in the ATL to start playing much larger shows and venues like Counterpoint and Tomorrowworld. It seemed as though while his style of music didn’t change much, it was just the explosion of EDM & trap that made this possible for him.

As the team and I entered the dimly lit warehouse filled with candy ravers and the likes of younger edm enthusiasts, the opening dj was just wrapping things up and we noticed Mr. Disaster taking the stage. After getting his gear set up and ready to go, the show blasted off and the crowd went wild. With two dancers laced up at his sides, those less interested in the music had something to keep their eyes on. Over his head was a triangle shaped lighting object which kept those under the influence pretty entranced.

Keeping his Atlanta trap roots strong (and us very happy), he played songs by Drake, Future, Que, Schoolboy Q, Jay Z, Migos and of course popular EDM dj’s like Diplo, Excision and RL Grime just to mention a few. Not altering the hip-hop songs and remixing the hell out of the EDM jam’s really showed Daniels versatility. While the acoustics of Somewhere Loud didn’t allow for MC Julian to be heard – his stage presence definetely got the crowd fired up. Knowing that Daniel wasn’t on any drugs or alcohol at all, led us to have even more respect for him. He just seemed high on life, and his performance allowed everyone to see this. If you like hip-hop with a little edm mixed in between, make sure to catch Daniel on one of his next stops. His set was unreal, and his performance was bar none.

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