Project 46 performed after the Electric Run in San Diego a few weeks ago, and almost blew up the stadium with their massive tracks. Check out our interview below!

1). How would you describe the feeling of seeing large scale positive reactions to tracks that you’ve built from scratch?

It’s the best part, it’s exactly why we do it. The first time we ever had a sing along was in Los Angeles on the Morgan Page tour, they were singing Last Chance.

2). Briefly describe why you make music? à What aspects of the process are most satisfactory and what elements are more difficult to contend with?

Well the contending element is easy, it’s all politics, the business side. We do it because we enjoy doing it; we initially did it because we loved doing it for fun, and it just kind of turns into starting to pay the bills

The good thing about music too, is when you’re making a song you’re in a specific mindset at that time, and when you go back and listen to it in the future, it kind of brings you back place.

3). In your opinion, what is the most immediate threat to the current state of dance music culture? How can this threat best be mitigated?

Asteroids; I don’t know if there is any specific threats, the genre in itself is evolving,

There’s a lot of fusion between commercial music and dance music; guys like zed producing for lady gaga and so much opportunity for up and coming artists; just because it’s evolving and there’s different sounds that people are enjoying doesn’t mean it’s degrading the culture at all I think it’s helping opporutnities for everyone; there’s a lot of purists out there that are very loud but I think it’s just continuing to grow. There was this really cool chart I saw on google it was the history of music – it showed genres and represented their size throughout time – and dance music even now is at a very small state and has a long way to go.

4). I read in an interview you did that your goal is to bring back raw emotion into your songs à please describe (or give me some adjectives) they way you want people to feel when they come to a set of yours or discover your music for the first time.

I mean, when you listen to songs with maybe more organic instrument in them – guitar, piano (more traditional type of stuff) it hits your haeat, it’s a little more simple but is more about the pure artistic talent of it – and that’s kind of what we’re going for – like vocals that mean something and when you read into it, it has a larger meaning rather than something that just helps build the track.

I remember listening back to music 5 or 6 years ago that reminds you of a specific event like a girlfriend breaking up with you or something stupid like that – and you go back and just put that song on repeat trying to come to peace with the feeling that the song evokes; and the problem with music now (and I love Martin Garrix’s Animals) but you’re not gonna listen to that and be like oh I remember back in the day when this or that happened – there’s no emotional click. We like to make music that you can tie back to an emotional time in your life that you can reference back to and reminisce about.

5). If you could play a show or festival at any venue with any other 3 artists, where would you be and who would be on the lineup?

I’d grab a guitar and play with the Red Hot Chili Peppers; electronically I’m a big fan of Kaskade and he’s helped us out a lot lately.

Tomorrowland would be cool; Swedish House Mafia would be sick

6). 46 / 2 = 23; do you know the significance of the number 23? And what does the number 46 mean to you?

I think of my age; and I have no idea what 46 means – it’s kind of our little secret.

When I think of 23 I think of Michael Jordan and I also have no comment on the number 46.

7). Collide is a gem. How was it working with Laidback Luke? Which producers inspire you to become better at your craft?

Laidback Luke’s awesome to work with – very quick, back and forth, very honest and very friendly and open – just a really good human being to work with. You should never look down on anybody but I like Kryder a lot – he’s this Australian guy and has got some really groovy stuff

It was a faster collab process with luke when generally it’s always slower than working just between us two.  I like Hard rock Sofa’s productions a lot and also Dub Vision is making some great stuff.

8). I’ve been to Whistler before and it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I know you guys live on opposite sides of Canada and with things like Skype & just the rise in technology in general that it’s easier to collaborate over long distances, but have you ever considered moving closer to each other? If so, where?

We’re always in the same city usually: like we wake up, fly to wherever our first show  or tour is for the week then are usually together for the rest of the week anyways – our families are pretty settled where they’re at so we don’t have to much intention to shake things up on that end.

9). We know you guys have an album coming out, when can we expect a release?

We don’t have date but we have a rough outline of tracks, in terms of completion level it will be done within the next two months – we’re going to submit fourteen tracks and it’ll get cut down from there. So hopefully fall or winter.

10). I think everything in life happens for a reason. What motto do each of you try to live your life by? And for you, what is the meaning of life?

I said a quote and I forgot that I said this but my friend reminded me but: “Everyone’s purpose in life is to be happy; and how we go about achieving that is what makes this world so interesting.”

I think the purpose of life for me is to enjoy the things around you while they still are; there’s so much good and just \focus on that instead of all the negativity and evil surrounding us.

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