Having taken place in one of Los Angeles’ most iconic venues, The Shrine Auditorium, The Sound of Q-Dance went harder than ever this year. With top of the line sound, lighting, and lasers, the production was out of this world. The stage design, consisting of two large hexagonal light rigs and a 50 ft petal structure with a large screen behind it, had absolutely no lack of visual spectacle for attendees; especially when pyrotechnics were used to accentuate the songs and mood of the night. Also, during the night large balloons and inflatable animals dropped from the ceiling which was an exciting touch.


From start to finish people were thrown into a whirlwind of the harder styles of music laid down by some of the world’s most talented DJs. Q-Dance brought Los Angeles natives Mr. Skeleton and Lady Faith to preform hard hitting sets. Also hailing form the United States, Sylence won Q-Dance’s Qontest to win the opportunity to play at TomorrowWorld.  This jump started his career, and most likely landed him his time slot at The Sound of Q-Dance. The rest of the lineup was from the motherland of hard dance: the Netherlands. Wildstylez, The Prophet, Brennen Heart, and Frontliner all made the trip overseas to perform at this breathtaking event.  Wildstylez started his set off with his controversial track the one that took a lot of flack for sounding similar to Deadmau5’s “Some Chords;” a ballsy move at that. The two highlights of his set were when he dropped his remixes of “Never Say Goodbye” by Hardwell and “Legacy” by Krewella & Nicky Romero.

Brennen Heart went on to play one of the best sets of the night. After opening up with “Imaginary,” his set consisted of euphoric tones and hard kicks that had the dance floor jumping from start to finish. When he dropped the Jay Cosmic remix of “Tsunami” the crowd was pounding their fists in the air, shuffling all over the floors, or taking videos for their Instagram; it was a spectacle to behold. He also debuted a new track at The Sound of Q Dance, and hopefully a release will be coming soon!


The Prophet closed out the night with a very memorable hardcore/gabber set. If the cliche of “going out with a bang” translated into hardcore music, it would have been this set. For the die hard fans that were still raging their asses off at 1am, they were able to see one of the most legendary names in hardstyle live up to his reputation. With an extremely high BPM, the dance floor nearly shook as The Prophet closed out the night. The last song of the whole event was an “Over the Rainbow” hardcore remix which made for a perfectly bittersweet ending. The Prophet even stood on the decks to conduct which way the crowd should wave their arms during it!

MC Villain, who hosted the event, said over the microphone near the end of the night:

“This is why I love Hardstyle, it makes me feel invincible”

Almost everybody in the venue roared with approval.  The auditorium that held the event brought an incredibly diverse crowd; whether it was teenagers in all their kandi, or rave veterans in their baggy shuffle pants, the harder styles united us all. This event brought nothing but good vibes and a crowd with minimal pushing near the stage. There was also plenty of room to shuffle on the outskirts of the crowd which gave everyone the ability to enjoy the show the way they wanted to. We’re looking forward to experiencing the harder styles of music in the near future.


Q-dance will return to North America at Mysteryland May 23-26, 2014.

About Q-dance:

“Q-dance was founded in 2001 in Holland and has become the world’s top Hardstyle event series, throwing events in more than ten countries. Q-dance’s flagship event Defqon.1 has taken place in both the Netherlands and Australia. In 2012 over 55,000 people attended the Dutch edition, making it the world’s largest hard dance festival. Q-dance is credited with developing Hardstyle as a genre and breaking acts like Headhunterz, Psyko Punkz and Wildstylez. Q-dance hosts stages at MysteryLand, Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld and produces over 15 events every year, drawing more than 250,000 attendees annually.”

Featured Writer: Brian Anderson

Featured Photographer: Adam Maresca