Given that I tend to eat fish tacos and drink local craft beers on Tuesday nights, it only seemed appropriate to head to Bang Bang when I heard Sydney born Rüfüs Du Sol was playing a live set. I love all kinds of music and I only discriminate in terms of anything country: but I must admit – even in the thriving and diverse music culture that is San Diego California, I was at a loss when trying to name a handful of their songs without any research.  In circumstances likes this, I think I only become more interested in unknown sounds and this was certainly the case when I let a half dozen tunes play out on their soundcloud.

After a light but respectable pre game, a friend and I made our way down the five south toward the first street exit, watching planes gently loft down over the city and lights glisten off the water of the bay. Not necessarily knowing what the venue or the music was going to be like for the rest of the evening, I tried not to build expectations in my head.

Upon arrival I was immediately overwhelmed by the distinctly unique and pleasurable atmosphere. So many of the clubs downtown in San Diego seem to be trying to do outdo each other in the same game right now – large & sardine-packed rooms, big light walls, and too many caked layers of overvalued production elements. My thing is like, when I’m trying to have a conversation with a human being (or meeting one for that matter), I like to not have to yell at them: so when I saw that Bang Bang was basically split in two; with a bar and sushi restaurant on the left and a dimly lit, corridor-like dancefloor on the opposite side – I realized whoever was initially behind the project had truly found the prime balance of yin and yang.

The Australian trio did not disappoint with a beautiful and melodic all-live hour set; succeeding in gracefully serenading all in attendance. The vibe was mellow but intriguing and original – resonating with many in the form of their groovy reactions. Make sure to check these Aussies out.