Today we once again stray from our EDM ways and focus on one of the hottest groups

around, Phantogram. We headed over to the Majestic Ventura Theater on February 23rd

with the expectation of nothing less than a perfect show; something Phantogram seems to

have down to a science. As we approached the venue, it was clear that Phantogram’s new

album, “Voices,” had driven up their popularity to an all time high with lines of excited fans

wrapped around the theater. Phantogram took the stage at 9:20 and proceeded meet and

then surpass our expectations of a perfect show. They included numerous songs from Voices,

released just five days prior to the show, as well as many tracks from their previous albums.

Regardless if you had been a long time fan or had just heard their recent releases, everyone in

attendance was completely enthralled by the music being produced in front of them. The show

concluded with an epic performance of When I’m Small, our personal favorite here at Electric

Sloth. Phantogram then returned to the stage to play a three song encore including Mouthful

of Diamonds, Celebrating Nothing, and Futuristic Casket. After the final song, the crowd

erupted into an applause appropriately as loud and enthusiastic as Phantogram’s performance

demanded. One fan particularly moved by the performance proceeded to jump the barricade,

hop on stage, and give Sarah Barthel a hug…before being ushered off by security. Overall, it

was a wonderful show and we look forward to Phantogram’s world tour. Finally, we are excited

to announce that we will also be catching Phantogram at Lightning in a Bottle on May 22nd, so

stay tuned fellow sloths!