As soon as I saw that one of my favorite up-and-coming Chicago based duo’s got the chance to remix the lovely Canadians, Tegan & Sarah, I knew I was in for a treat! A treat that I had to share. A FREE one, at that! By providing a melodic, euphoric take on the easily recognizable vocals by Tegan & Sara and adding an electro-house feel to this classic, you can tell X5IGHT has been spending significant amounts of time in the studio. Be sure to keep your eye our for this track, and X5IGHT in general – as both are sure to be playing near you very soon!

Being a native of Puerto Rico, I have to mention the fact that Tegan & Sarah’s debut performance will be happening in Puerto Rico on March 14!

X5IGHT: | F | S | T |

Electric Sloth: | F | S | T | INSTA |

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