This Valentines Day, we have a special present from Gibbz, the multi-talented genius off Gramatik’s Lowtemp label. Tune in with your special someone, and get funky with this feel-good track. Listen to the lyrics too, I didn’t notice what was being said until about my third listen – but it’s rather appropriate to the lives we live. Feel free to give this track a download, as Gibbz was kind enough to give it to us for FREE! Stay tuned for his all-Gibbz produced EP, “Who Gibbz A F#@$” hitting the dance floor March 11th.


Here is a Special Valentine’s Day Note From Gibbz:
“Again and Again” is a song that should inspire you to go out and make the most of your night. 7 days a week. The entire “Who Gibbz a F#@$” record has come out of having fun. 99% of all life on earth has 3 responsibilities. Eat, live, f#@$. Forget all the other bull… Eat like a king, Live every day like its your last, and F#@$ like a boss.
L<3VE, Gibbz

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