Happy Saturday Sloths!

Today we bring you something new, something different… Welcome to Brightside Radio’s: Best of the Blogosphere! Our friends over at Brightside are on their third rendition of this podcast. With the abundant amount of music coming out these days, Brightside radio has decided to make it a little easier on us music lovers – by making a “best of” podcast for each month this year. We were honored when they asked for our January top pick! Expect one of these every month.

With selections from top music blogs around the world, this podcast is sure to have you boppin’ your head (and possibly dancing on some tables) for the next hour or so. Nothing but good music from Brightside Radio, Earmilk, Gotta Dance Dirty, Disco Native and many more. Expect nothing but greatness from these podcast guys!


Hint: We chose “Shake” by UZ and Aazar. This was a pre-emptive move, as we expect this track to BLOW UP in 2014. With the addition of Twerk to the dictionary, veteran UZ and newcomer Aazar seem to know exactly what they are doing – whether that be releasing the next biggest trap/twerk anthem or timing the release for the beginning of 2014. Hopefully this time the mysterious French artist will give us some input sometime soon.