After receiving the news we were covering this event, my coverage corespondent and I were honestly – a little SCARED. With Excision’s Executioner Tour he continues to bring more watts of sound than necessary (debated by concert goers) to every venue he plays. 150,000+ Watts of PK Sound!

Two of the members of Dirtyphonics were on stage as we entered the venue. Both with extremely high energy while throwing down a mixture of heavy dubstep, trap and a combination of up-tempo housey drum-step. Both rocking Sol Republics, the French musicians were all over the stage and even came down to stamp the crowd with their famous “I Am Dirty” stamp.

As Dirtyphonics wrapped it up, everyone seemed to stare in awe at the sheet covering the Executioner. Soon lights started to emerge, and the crowd went wild. The massive Executioner barely seemed to fit on the San Diego House of Blues Stage, with the tops of the “Spaceship” like stage set-up just barely touching the ceilings of the venue. The entire balcony also had to be closed off for the projection unit. With a sound system that is known to shatter light bulbs, shake bottles of walls, and cause chunks of dry wall to fall from ceilings – was it necessary to add 50,000 more watts, Jeff thinks so.

He started off slow, as is usual with The Executioner- but then dropped into sounds that are unheard of by man. Dubstep that seems to be from another planet. From “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” dubbed out to “We will Rock You” with 150,000 watts of bass, Jeff was sure to mix his set up a bit from the heavy dubstep he is known for. He of course played massive trap tunes, and even dropped some electro house.

The Executioner was the focus of the room and after having seen it once before – at Coachella 2013, you are in for some AMAZING surprises. The graphics, and amazing new visuals were evidence of the tireless work Jeff’s team put in to make this all happen. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t say any more. One more thing, DO NOT miss Excision if he is in your city on his upcoming tour.

Tip: Wear some really good ear-plugs. Electric Sloth Recommends: Earasers!

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