Absolutely massive news for fans of UK bass music this week. Legends Doctor P and Flux Pavilion will be headlining a Circus Records tour!

So far the lineup is stacked with other big beasts of sound such as, Cookie Monsta, Lets Be Friends, Mizuki and more surprise artists that will delightfully attack ears in this eight city tour. The tour launches off at Miami’s Grand Central on March 25th in celebration of the second magnificent event for Circus Records. On March 24th the accompanying album properly named, Grand Central, will drop the most epic of bass. This Circus crown jewel will feature Doctor P, Cookie Monsta, Mizuki, Lets Be Friends, Flux Pavilion, Fox Stephenson, Nezzo plus other amazing artists outside the label who wanted in on the action. Bassheads everywhere should start getting their speakers warmed up. The world is about to get a lot louder.

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As a former resident of the great city of London, I have been missing multiple nights in a row where the room shakes and the hairs on your arm vibrate. So far the eight cities include only the middle of the country, but I pray that the tour is expanded. I would kill to see these bass gods performing together. Although with all of the collaboration on the album, I am sure that it could satisfy my craving, or push me towards a road trip. Who is with me?

Check out our interview with Doctor P, here!

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