The mysterious and deliberately anonymous producer known as Burial has posted a note on Hyperdub’s website, including a selfie and a long note thanking his family and others who have supported him in his long carer of music-making. He begins the note with “Hi this is Will,” which many have recognized as the first time he has revealed his identity online. However, other reports claim that he had revealed his name and face back in 2008 in a Myspace post. Recently the public has shown increased fascination with discovering the identities of popular musicians (i.e. the uproar caused by Daft Punk‘s having to remove their helmets¬†getting through airport security in LA on Monday after their Grammy’s performance). However, the truest fans of Burial –or shall we call him Will Bevan?– are most excited for the part of the note that reveals an upcoming release of new music as well as existing projects that were never officially released. This will be Burial’s first album release since 2007. Few specifics have been announced about when we can expect new music from Burial, but we at Electric Sloth will be eagerly awaiting more news, so check back for updates.

You can view the original note from Burial here.