2013 was a great year for New York City-based band Vampire Weekend; from their American tour throughout the spring and summer, to their win at the Grammys, they’ve had great success after their third album release Modern Vampires of the City. Bassist Chris Baio has had an especially successful year, launching his own solo EP Mira under his surname BAIO. Since his Sunburn EP released in 2012, Baio has been producing music on his own, incorporating heavy electronic bass lines into exotic drum arrangements not foreign to Vampire Weekend’s well-established sound. He recently posted on his Soundcloud a 41-minute mix of songs off of Mira as well as a few unreleased tracks in preparation for his upcoming solo tour, the aptly named “Would You Be Interested in a Mira Tour? Tour 2014.” He has played six shows so far in February, and while there aren’t any more tour dates officially scheduled, keep an eye out for more to come from BAIO.