The SnowGlobe Music Festival, in South Lake Tahoe is a 3-day musical experience unlike any other. The miles of green forests, temperatures in the low teen’s at night, and snow covered mountains made the Lake Tahoe Community College Campus the perfect location for this event (held from December 29-31). Our LA based photographer and myself were lucky enough to cover this event and a few of the after parties held at the Mont Bleu Casino, just across the border in Nevada.

DAY 1:

The Polish Ambassador: | F | S |


To start off our first day of festival, we ran over to the funkadelic Polish Ambassador (David Sugalski) in the Sierra Tent. He played classics like “No Diggity” and even mixed in old school hip-hop jams into his set! By dropping Mid-eastern Funk to slowing down remixes of his own tracks, David Sugalski seemed very to be very happy to be playing in South Lake Tahoe. His energy was insane throughout the entire set, and the crowd was right there with him.


Gramatik: | F | S |     Exmag: | F | S |


Our next stop was Gramatik on the Main Stage. Denis Jasarevic surprisingly started off of his set with some rock’n roll, but instantly switched it up a bit and turned back to his Gramatik jams; anyone that has listened to him before understands his eclectic sound. Denis then began with some funky piano tunes which turned into a presentation of a couple new songs he composed. Surprisingly we were lucky enough to be graced by his friend and fellow musician from Exmag, Eric Mendelson. Let me start off by saying that Eric absolutely killed it on the guitar. From punk to funk, they dropped everything that I could possibly imagine. They also shouted out “Grizmatik” multiple times throughout their set. As it continued, I could already tell it was going to be one of my absolute favorites for the weekend. Not only did Eric come out to accompany Denis during his set, but Exmag’s singer and talented musician, Gibbz made a personal appearance and played their killer new song “Obviously.” To finish of the set Gramatik dropped filthy dubstep, and easily transitioned it back into funk to leave the crowd forever wanting more.


Tiësto: | F | S | T |


To end day one, we had to catch the Amsterdam native Tiësto. Considering he is one of the top DJ’s in the world, anyone is sure to have a good time at his set. He started off with “Escape Me,” and continued to play house tunes that had everyone off their feet on the dance floor and throughout Snow Globe. I must say he absolutely killed the presentation of “Feel it in my Bones,” by extending the drop for a few minutes; the crowds anticipation for this jam classic was insane. Tiësto ended the night by dropping a few new songs (which I recommend all of you to go check out) and all of us were treated to a taste of fireworks that showered over the dark sky.


Day 1 After Party w/ Gramatik & Kastle:

We were lucky enough to get the chance to see Gramatik for a second time at the first after party that Snow Globe put on. As always, he played funky jams, groovy tunes, and with Eric accompanying on the guitar, it made this show an unforgettable one. Denis dropped some old-school samples, and Eric had insane guitar solos to compliment the samples perfectly. Denis then threw down dubstep into the the mix, which sounded awesome alongside Eric ripping up his guitar (who ever thought that dubstep and live guitar could sound phenomenal). The combination of digital and analog music is the future of EDM, and these guys are ahead of the game. For more funk and good tunes, check out Gramatik and Exmag on their social media links above!


Day 2:

Zion I:  | F | S |


We kicked off day two with Zion I. WOW, what a performance! They played all sorts of genres: from reggae, glitch-hop to funk, and hip-hip. Zion I has been in the game for a while now. Starting off his career performing next to underground hip-hop legends like The Grouch, Murs, and Eligh set the foundation we see in his performances today. He is now collaborating with the most renowned musicians of today’s era, and it is attracting attention worldwide. Starting off with just a DJ, we honestly didn’t know what to expect. As the DJ dropped an insane UZ remix and a new song of Big Gigantic, the rest of Zion I’s crew came out. Free-styling and rapping to old school and future funk – they were all over the map. During their set they shouted out all the old school rappers from Biggie, Tupac and even the late great Mandela (R.I.P.).  Nearing the end of their set, the Zion I crew began throwing a ton of merch into the crowd making everyone go wild! I honestly could describe this set for the rest of the article as I was mind-blown by his performance at Snow Globe. They are phenomenal live, put out awesome tracks, and are an act you do not want to miss next time they are in your home town. Make sure to check out Zion I’s free music coming out on January 14. Mark your calendars!


Kill Paris: | F | S | T |


Right after Zion I set, Kill Paris was up in the Sierra Tent. He began his set with some hard-hitting funk, and everybody started getting down immediately. You can tell that his influences are sort of a combination of a Gramatik and Big Gigantic as his set consisted of electro, funk, trappy bass lines, and an accelerating performance; Kill Paris is a mastermind behind the decks. The Abelton certified genius dropped a variety of genres that all meshed together into his own unique style and had the crowed bumping!


Zeds Dead: | F | S | T |


Up next, was one of our absolute highlights of the night – Zeds Dead. For this set – we (thought) we knew exactly what to expect from the Canadian duo. But they continue to surprise us (even after seeing them over a dozen times.) They started off slowly, but of course didn’t keep it that way for long. The subtle gentle sounds slowly turned into nasty dubstep drops. The duo really outdid themselves with this set – from Glitchy-dub, filth, trap, classics and even house, everyone at the festival seemed to be hyped on this set. After dropping a few more classics, they interacted with the crowd a bit then kept their set rolling with unheard of filth. To cap things off, Zeds Dead threw it down with a little hip-hop, reggae and a little even a Jimi Hendrix (yes Jimi!) transition into disgusting dubstep. It was so packed; it took 15 minutes just to walk out of the crowd to mob towards our next act. How they keep dropping insane tracks and attracting huge crowds show after show is remarkable…Make sure to catch Zeds Dead at their next show near home and check out new releases on their social media.


Claude VonStroke: | F | S | T |


After Zeds Dead, we hurried over to the Sierra Tent and caught 30 minutes of the infamous Claude Vonstroke’s set. Needless to say, the entire crowd was jammin’ out to the melodic beats that Vonstroke brings with him every show. The crowd lit up when he brought gogo dancers on stage. It truly seems that Claude Vonstroke is in touch with his music and his audience, as both were top notch. He is also one of the few artists that appears to enjoy his time up on the decks. Very impressed by this individual and stoked I got to see his set.


Kaskade: | F | S | T |


To finish off our night we caught a little bit of the Kaskade and Justin Jay (separate) sets. Kaskade on main stage of course, and Justin Jay who kept playing a little after Kaskade for whomever wanted to keep the night going a little longer. Kaskade started off nice and slow with a few classic house tunes, then sped up a little. The harder hitting house began to reiterate into our bones, making the cold night seem irrelevant. The imagery and effects that the Snow Globe Production Crew put on for Kaskade was unforgettable. Fireworks rained from the sky, the lights complimented his style perfectly, and the visuals surrounding Kaskade put an phenominal end to Day 2 of Snow Globe! From new to old, Kasakde dropped it all – and kept the crowd ever wanting more.


Justin Jay: | F | S |

Justin Jay kept the typical SnowGlobe feel and held it down with some more funky jams and tunes that everyone can dig. While Kaskade rocked the main stage, Justin Jay kept it funky on the side stage. Ranging from house to funk/hip-hop remixes, Justin Jay held it down until the gates were closed for day 2. It is difficult to follow up Kaskade, but this DJ did not disappoint us one bit.


Day 3:

Luminox: | F | S | T |


After day 2, we were pretty exhausted and we knew our adventure was coming to an end, but not just yet! We threw on all our layers and hit the festival just in time to catch Luminox’s set. As we walked into the Sierra tent for the xth time, David Lopez, otherwise known as Luminox was dropping HeRobust’s “She Know She Bad.” Just as if we though the set couldn’t get any better he dropped Rusko’s “Pro Nails” into hip-hop. With every trap drop, the crowd would go wild. This set was so packed that it was impossible to get even the least bit close. David dropped some faster paced trap into UZ (always one of my favorites), along with a Bass Cannon (retrap) and a new remix with Brillz. After speaking with him, we learned that he is boundless, and after seeing him live twice in the same day we now know what this means. Keep an eye out for Luminox he is sure to turn up any city he visits.


Dillon Francis: | F | S | T |


It was finally time for DJ Hanzel, sometimes known as Dillon Francis or Tiësto. He couldn’t help but start off with IDGAFOS, and a great one liner: “My name is Dillion and I love you!” After dropping a Skrillex tune, his sound cut out. With a little assistance from his manager and a few more shots he was back on the decks, dropping “Rachet Bitch,” “Messages” and some more highly energetic tunes. His transitions were seamless throughout his set, not to mention he was on top of the dj booth and running around the stage half the time. He played a few new songs featuring Diplo, DJ Snake (one of them, and I quote “it’s about butter”), had insane visuals of his face and all sorts of emojis. Dillon’s set is another set that I could go on for days about… He dropped hip-hop classics (from Biggie and 2pac), TLC, back-to-back DJ Snake jams and not to mention he was also quoted saying “I literally broke my computer by jumping too hard.” After everything was up and running again, he played some R Kelly and DMX, while stating he was playing these songs “to get all the fellas laid out there.” He ended his set by saying, “Don’t get too drunk and loose your friends!” Even when Dillon left the stage, the crowd still continued to dance in the intermission.


Love & Lights: | F | S | T |

We had a little bit of time before Beats Antique took the stage, so we headed over to the Igloo Tent to scope out Love and Light for a few songs. There were four members of the group that rapped and dropped a sort of a dubstep/funk combination. Luckily for all of us we stepped inside of the Igloo that reverberated the heavy bass they were dropping; it made for a really fun set to spend our time before we ventured out to see Beats Antique.


Beats Antique: | F | S | T |


As we headed back to main stage for the start of Beats Antique, we noticed a few new things had been added to the stage. Throughout the entire set there was a live painter, painting a large canvas that I couldn’t make out due to my location in the crowd. Although they did come on a little late, they made up for it instantly with their heavily drum oriented music. At first they featured 3 members, then many more musicians began to join them on stage (wearing all sorts of animal heads and exotic masks); this performance was not one to miss. Given it was my first time experiencing Beats Antique, I had no clue what to expect. Their female member was banging on bass drums like an animal, their DJ span funky tunes, and at a distance one could hear a trumpet, a piano, and a violin coming together to create something phenomenal. With a few guitar and drum solos added alongside the digital sound, and a dance choreography, it made the experience more of a performance than of just a set. Great show!


Snoop Dogg: | F | S | T |


Following Beats Antique on the Main Stage was the highly anticipated D-Oh-Double-G, Snoop Dogg, AKA Snoop Lion, the man, the myth, the legend. After a few minutes of hype music from his DJ, Snoop finally appeared on stage and the crowd went bizerk. He dropped all of his highly acclaimed tracks like “Drop It like It’s Hot” but mixed in some more current tracks like DJ Khaled’s “All I do Is Win”. He ended his set with a great slowed down version of Young, Wild & Free. After giving some advice for 2014, Snoop walked off stage to Bob Marley’s Jammin’. It was truly a spectacle.


Cut Copy: | F | S | T |


Cut Copy was the final act of the festival and being so, was able to draw everyone in attendance to the main stage for the final act of 2013. Cut Copy was a nice way to relax and get lost in the music after 3 long days of going hard. They played through their most popular tracks with the crowd singing every word to Take Me Over. As 12 A.M. and 2014 approached, everyone was excited for a massive countdown into the next year. Sadly, Cut Copy played through midnight and stopped a few minutes later to announce that it was 2014. Regardless, it was a nice way to end the festival and start the new year.


The SnowGlobe Music Festival was a great way to end 2013! We look forward to an amazing year in 2014! We would like to thank SnowGlobe for giving us the opportunity to provide coverage and all in all had a fantastic time. Stay tuned for interviews with Luminox, Kill Paris, and X5ight and after party coverage all coming soon!

We also can’t forget about YOU, if it weren’t for you guys we wouldn’t be able to do of this! So THANK YOU, and have an amazing 2014.