What’s a better way to bring in the new year than to be surrounded by thousands of wonderful souls and enveloped in beautiful music, you may ask? Nothing! USC Events’s New years show “Resolution” returned to the WaMu Theater in Seattle, Washington for its 4th annual year! With two stages of music and a huge line up this is sure to be Seattle’s biggest NYE event!

The Time Capsule stage which featured artists such as Lazy Rich, Above and Beyond, Knife Party, Adrian Lux, Nervo, Emma Hewitt, The M Machine, and Digital Lab was meant to take you through all of this years biggest moments in EDM. It was also was the main stage. The Enchanted Forest stage which included the artists Fury w/ Mc Dino, Crizzly, Doctor P, Figure, Gladpvck, Must Die, Partners In Grime and Dj Beauflexx was meant to be orientated for all the bass heads out there! This two stage setup helped prevent mixing up the two very different style of EDM and properly use WaMu Theater’s huge venue space.

Although all of the artists did a fantastic job there were a few that indefinitely stood out: Nervo’s set was accompanied by a dazzling special effects display that had the whole crowd on their toes! The M Machine blew minds with their three man LIVE set! Figure and Emma Hewitt rocked the new years countdown! Also I can’t forget Knife Party just because it was one of the most anticipated sets of the night, they had the crowd going crazy with their long one and a half hour set!

Although Resolution was a great way to bring in the new year a lot of people had a great deal of disappointment that night. As Knife Party got ready to hand the stage over to headliner Above and Beyond things got a bit shaky. As the musical transition shifted to trance as it was supposed to, it didn’t take long for the fans to realize that the people they were listening to were not Above and Beyond. The word quickly spread across the dance floor causing many outraged fans. Although USC was unaware of the predicament until very last minute they tried their hardest to fix the complications in time. Unfortunately Above and Beyond was not able to make it in time due to weather oriented flight problems. The group was stuck in Yakima, Washington during their supposed set.

Many fans may have been disappointed by the lack of Above and Beyond but their time slot did not go unfilled! Seattle’s local favorites, Johnny Monsoon and Darrius gave the best replacement they possibly could with their old school warehouse rave style trance and ferocious festival rage blended into one beautiful set. Seattle is proud to have our locals doing something so big in the scene. Although Above and Beyond did not make it they have released a tweet saying this “We will be speaking to the promoter to see how soon we can arrange another show in Seattle as it’s been too long.” So be on the lookout for a make up show in the near future. I advise all of you to hold on to your ticket stubs from the show due to the fact that this show could only be for resolution ticket holders!

Aside from this one problem the night went off without many issues. Big thanks to all the staff at USC and company for providing a watchful eye over the crowd and free water to assure that everyone stayed hydrated throughout the night. Hope you all had a wonderful start to the new years and didn’t forget to rave safe. See all you wonderful faces next year!