Pittsburgh-based Robert Balotsky aka Buku is back at it again with his upcoming 4-track EP, Down, out on January 27, 2014. Down is Buku’s third EP release on Pilot Records, the brain child of Luke Hood of UKF. The first single “Click Clack” is now available for immediate download with a pre-order of the album on iTunes.

Buku explains how the new EP displays his progression as a producer and artist. “I feel as though I’m taking that Janky and Fooled EP sound and taking it a bit further. Having played a TON over the past year, I’ve tuned my productions to be both club and headphone friendly. House and techno are really where I ‘live’ – between that and hip hop, it’s the music that I love and am always listening to. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear some of the best house music over the last year, and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t allowed it to influence me!”

Down is ripe with booty-popping bump ‘n’ grind bass tunes showcasing Buku’s diverse styles and throwback-hybrid vibes. His influences range from hip hop and trap to techno, house and everything in between, as he further defines his sound in a world that’s come to seem too predictable for what fans deserve.

The first tune, ‘Down’ rounds out the EP, and by round-out, we mean it carves a hole in the ground. Playing off of a standard rhythm, it’s the overlaid melody structure that operates more as a tease to the bass dancing throughout. Next up, ‘No One Does’ has subtle and surprising drop-in beat interludes that play off of one another, sounding as if an old school dance battle were taking place in your headphones. Buku says this one was “inspired by the all the house and techno I’ve witnessed lately. It’s more or less of my own spin on Dirtybird-style house.”

Click Clack‘ takes the EP in an entirely different direction as it features throwbacks to a deep dubstep rhythm with a maturity of progressive trap. Listen to a preview of ‘Click Clack’ HERE.

On top of his new genre-bending original productions, Buku continues to dominate bass music with an impressive array of collaborations and official remixes. Besides releasing a new hip hop collaboration with Bill Niels called, “We’ll Meet Again,” he also teamed up with the upcoming trap producer Brillz on his Twonk remix album, appropriately dubbed, RETWONKED.

Featuring a solid list of remixers including Bro Safari, Jack Beats, and Loudpvck among other notables from the trap/bass scene – Buku explains how honored he was to be included with such heavyweights on his remix of Brillz and Craze’sCome Down‘. Listen to Buku’s Twonk Team Mixtape HERE to get a teaser of a few unreleased tracks off the forthcoming album.

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Fellow Sloths, are you ready to let BUKU make your party pop off? Check  him out at one of his upcoming tour stops!


1/15 @ Nectar Lounge, Seattle, WA

1/16 @ The Wild Buffalo, Bellingham, WA

1/17 @ Branx, Portland, OR

1/24 @ The Other Side, Wilkes-Barre, PA

2/15 @ Hairport Warehouse, Cleveland, OH

2/28 @ The Purple Haze Lounge, Walled Lake, MI

6/5-8 @ Wakarusa Music Festival, Ozark, Arkansas


Pre-order “Down” now on iTunes


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