The Electric Sloth team was lucky enough to cover the Snowglobe Music festival, this past New Years and with that amazing opportunity – came a few more. We were lucky enough to sit down with Jerry and Brandon from X5IGHT. If you haven’t heard of X5IGHT, then get ready – these two kiddos will blow you away with their dirty electro beats.


ESThank you for taking the time to talk to us!

ES: So please, tell us a little about yourselves…

Jerry: We both live in Chicago even though we’re from different areas. Brandon is from Eastern Illinois, I’m from IU, it’s a couple hours apart. So, It’s always a bit difficult to produce in person, but as I said when we’re on breaks, we’re only about 20 minutes away in Chicago.

ES: What/where do you guys gain your musical inspiration from?

Jerry: Artists that have really inspired us are Afrojack and some dirty dutch stuff. We get ideas from all sorts of stuff.

Brandon: I kind of round out our sound with trance roots. Armin Van Buuren is really respected by me. I mean I definitely say, Jerry has more of the aggressive  side whereas I bring more melodic elements. Most of our songs combine the two genres and kinda meet in the middle. Really if you think about it, electro house and progressive house are the major genres being dropped at festivals and stuff, so why not meet in the middle.

ES: Four days ago you guys released your “Wacky Arms” song, inspired by the inflatable tube man. Where did you get inspiration for this? Was it Family Guy? Be honest.

Brandon: Actually, we were driving up to a show and we must have passed like 30 car dealerships, and you know they have the wavy guy and it was an inside joke. How we made this song was wild, we actually got back from the show and that night I got this weird really catchy melody and for some reason I said “now move your wacky arms” and I said “Jerry, get on your computer. Record it!” In a matter of like five minutes we had the lay out of the entire song.

Jerry: By the time I left the drop was done. The only thing that took long was getting the breakdowns together. It’s funny because we recorded our vocals for the first time.

ES: So you guys experimented and did a trap remix of Katy Perry’s “Peacock,” do you guys plan on producing more trap?

Jerry: We actually dropped an unreleased song that has a trap breakdown today. It’s different.

Brandon: In our sets we like to keep our audience on their toes and we’ve always like to switch it up. There are certain trap songs we like that we play in our sets to break things up. We figured, why not make our own. Our goal is not to make trap music, but it is fun to produce.

Jerry: You also learn a lot, trying out other genres. We never produced trap before and it came along nicely. It’s a fun experience.

ES: So you guys are still pretty underground with about 3,400 likes on Facebook and 3,000 followers on Soundcloud, I’d imagine you’ve been playing a bunch of shows. How’d you end up where you are and what do you have planned?

Brandon: I’d say a good part of our success is attributed to our manager. We’ve done a bunch of shows and festivals and we pretty much played where you can in the Midwest. We figured it was time to hit the coast and over winter break we had a bunch of spare time, and we got a booking at Snowglobe and coming up we have a show in Chicago, and Bloomington Indiana opening for Figure.

ES: So tell me more about the Radiance EP…

Jerry: So it started out with “Sundial” and once we had that track, all of the others kinda came together. We just felt like they were something unique.

Brandon: I will say, production wise, looking back it was pretty bad, and we’ve come a long way. Looking back and now where we are now, in terms of production quality and the sound we had, it’s really interesting. We are leaps and bounds, from where we were a few months ago.

Jerry: We had five tracks of the EP done on FL Studio and we tried to transition to Ableton which was tough.

Brandon:  I think we want to go back and redo some of the old tracks, because I think the sound is good, but the execution wasn’t. If we took those ideas and used our production knowledge now I am confident they would be great.

ES: Are you guys currently on a label?

Brandon: Well we released our first release independently. It definitely had cost involved but it was do-able nowadays. There are a lot of third party distributors that will get your music on other platforms. We wanted to say that in the future we would love to start a label and help up and coming artists and so we created X5ighted recordings. The only thing on it is our stuff so far but in the future you’ll see some new artists.

ES: Alight guys, we have to know, how old are you both?

Jerry: I’m 20 and he’s 19.

Brandon: Yeah we’re thinking start early and we’ll get out there.


Following a strong performance at SnowGlobe Music Festival (Lake Tahoe, CA), X5IGHT has just completed a brand new remix for free download!  Having just released a mellow rendition of “Exit Wounds” by James Egbert, the Chicago-based duo chose to return to their high-energy style with their remix of “Make It Rain” by Travis Porter.  The remix takes the easily recognizable vocals, and introduces a fusion of Electro, Dirty Dutch, and Trap elements.  The track seamlessly transitions from a driving electro drop to an epic trap breakdown, while maintaining 128 BPM.