The Electric Sloth team was lucky enough to get a chance to interview one of the biggest producers in the Trap game, Luminox. Check out what the Chicago native has to say about his influences, Trap music, the Bingo Players, and his upcoming collaborations!

“We just want to start off by thanking you for taking the time to interview with us!”

ES: “When I did some research I found that you never went to music school, how did you learn to produce music with no assistance or schooling?

Luminox: It was a very long, tedious process. I’m still learning man, still learning. I learn something new every day, every time I open up the DAW, I learn something. Honestly, I would consider it a good thing I didn’t go to school. You kinda get to mold your own style and create your own brand of sound. They teach you that stuff, but I feel like if every producer went to school, would all have learned from the same background. It’s allowed me to be more creative.

ES: With the huge success of your “Rattle” remix, both live and on the internet, how has Paul’s death affected you. Did you know both members of the group well?

L: I actually didn’t know them very well. I chatted with their manager a few times about remix projects and stuff. I have a huuuge love for their music, as I grew up a house music fan. Those guys are game changers. I think “Rattle” specifically was a game changer, it’s one of my favorite house songs of all time. It’s instantly recognizable, everybody knows it. Paul and Martin put together an absolutely amazing song and I was honored they were willing to have [my remix] be the official remix of “Rattle”. It definitely affected me because, because in a sense, it helped me get a lot of my fan base. So, much love and respect to Paul and Martin. Rest In Peace Paul, much love man.

ES: So, breaking off from the rough subjects, your song “Daydream” was a bit different than your other releases, it’s a bit more relaxed. Do you plan on expanding into different genres?

L: Absolutely, I do plan on expanding into other genres. I can’t really say right now, but you can expect anything from me. I’m in this experimental mode right now where I’m trying out all kinds of music, trying to make different genres. I’m not even trying to dabble in anyone else’s shit; I’m making my own genres. You can expect anything from me in 2014, expect a lot of non trap shit. Regardless of genre, it will be hip hop based though.

ES: So would you say hip-hop is one of your main influences? Who are your main influences?

L: Absolutely. It’s weird for me because I started as a hip hop producer, so moving into EDM, I’ve tried to ignore as much hip hop as I can and not let it influence me, because I know everyone in EDM is trying to duplicate things. Make “the real” hip hop production. So I’m honestly just trying to think outside the box.

ES: So we heard about your Limited Edition Vape Pen. How did you come about that?

L: I have a good homie of mine, he’s out in New Haven, Connecticut, and he has a Vape company – called Vape. He booked me one time, and now we’re actual friends. We both have ambitions and we’re trying to help each other out. We both offer an amazing product for people to enjoy life.

ES: Where in the world do you find you get the best reactions from your sets?

L: If I could name one, it’s hard cuz there’s a couple of cities I go that are just smakin’, but number one would in the whole nation would be Denver. The energy there! They’re just so hyped about music. The scene out there is beautiful.  You can expect any event to crack off there. I love playing there.

ES: Do you think trap has a real future? I know it is sort of a typical question.

L: I get it every time. There’s a lot of naysayers right now, but I just got done playing a show and dropped multiple trap songs, and they are just as effective as ever. I think if anything affected influenced all music this year it was trap music. I’m talking house producers stepped into the trap game. We had R3hab put out a trap remix of a Bruno Mars song. We (Trap) influenced dubstep. You’ve got the big hitters like Datsik and Excision. We’ve got everyone adopting little attributes from the trap sound. It’s beautiful seeing all that come together. I think trap music was definitely the most influential sound of 2013. I think this coming year, trap will be taken to an even higher level. The possibilities are endless.

ES: Do you have any collaborations you can let the public know about?

L: …No, Absolutely not (Laughs). No I have tons of open collabs, things that are in the works, but nothing I can announce right now. Tons of us are swapping sounds right now, but I’ll be able to say something in a couple weeks.”

Luminox played the SnowGlobe day 2 after-party at the Mont Bleu Casino with The Floozies and Zeds Dead. Before interviewing we caught his set – for some bass so heavy the club owner didn’t seem very happy.

Luminox started off with a little bit of house, rather unexpected for the trap-fiends awaiting his set’s start. He mixed things up a bit with a little festival trap, some hip hop and a few new songs. After a little dubstep and some more trap drops – he played songs like “I’ma Gangsta,” “Most Pit,” “Brick Squad” and “Rachet Bitch”… too many classic trap anthems to name. Luminox always puts on a phenomenal performance and this set was no different. Don’t miss him, if he is anywhere NEAR your town!

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