January 17th marked the return of something epic! Excision, only a few weeks after wrapping up his Destriod tour, hit the road yet again to kick off his 2014 tour! This year he has a few tricks up his sleeve; the 2014 tour will prove to be his most extensive and immersive tour to date. The massive Executioner lighting and video system be returning with its large display of 28 feet wide and 15 feet tall! This stage has been custom designed to fit with Excision’s 3D video mapped sequences to aid in absolutely blowing your mind. Not only will Excision be sporting the executioner, but the massive sound system that accompanied it on the last tour is getting an upgrade! All 150,000 watts of sound will be enough to satisfy any basshead.  This tour will also feature DirtyPhonics and Ill Gates, so you better be ready for a night of the filthiest, heaviest dubstep known to the EDM community. Tickets range from $30-$50 and are still available now, so go grab them while you can! Don’t wait till the last minute or they may not be there!


Where will you experience your EXECUTION?