K Theory, the unique electronic hip-hop trio, is at it again with yet another remix (and their first track of 2014)! On January 8th they released their banging bass boosted remix to Drake’s claim to fame “Best I Ever Had”.

The track starts off with the same intro as the original but quickly shifts into something else – as K Theory flexes the beat. As the song goes into the chorus, it evens out a bit. But as the bass filled drop hits, K Theory’s vocalist adds in his own verse to the song. The songs beat only get more bass-y and complex as it progresses, using more vocal samples from the original. 

K Theory is always an interesting listen for hip hop fans as they have a great taste in hip hop them selves. They always manage to put out a more unique electric feel to the music, without killing the hip-hop vibe entirely. Of course there’s always that free download on sound cloud to make things more interesting. Big thing in the future for K Theory! 

K Theory: F | S | T |

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