This past Tuesday the up and coming company Massiv made their final stop on the three show tour. The event was hosted at Bang Bang in downtown San Diego, featuring three MASSIV names with nothing but unforgettable talent to provide. My coverage correspondent, Sam Richardson and I took the scene.

First on the decks was Clicks & Whistles, which for this show only consisted of one of the members, Petey Clicks.  As he started his set the crowd was introduced to some slow deep house music which slowly drew in the surrounding people throughout the bar and nightclub.  For the next few minutes he was making the move from house to more progressive, up-beat sounds featuring light vocals that was making a great impact on the growing crowd.  After throwing down one 2-Chainz remix, his set took a 180-degree turn into the perfect blend of trap and hip-hop.  As the set was coming to an end, the special guest came into sight to set-up his own equipment.

Taking over the decks, following Clicks & Whistles, came the special guest of the night, Kastle.  This surprise guest brought nothing but energy and talent to the stage.  Within seconds of him beginning his set there was a crowd that could not stand still.  The Massiv tour was bringing big names to the stage and Kastle was there to hold to that title of a “special guest.”  Be sure to check out his soundcloud below!

There was zero wait time from the end of KASTLE to the start of the legend himself 12th Planet! Starting off with an high-tempo trap song that brought an immediate burst of energy throughout every person in attendance. As the set progressed there was not a single dull moment! While continuing to make epic transitions between dubstep, trap, drum & bass and festival trap, 12th Planet was bringing back the old school bangers alongside newly dropped masterpieces. Without any warning came the voice of the man himself informing his fans of a new release that was absolutely loved instantly by all the listened. Throughout the remainder of his bass heavy set there were multiple genres being dropped that was keeping the crowd on their feet and hands in the air.  As expected, 12th Planet threw down a spectacular set that was hard to watch come to an end.


To end the night of insanity came the only one who had yet to make an appearance, AC Slater. Kicking off the closing set of the tour with a melodic house beat as a way to let the bass of 12th planet sink in. Much like the other artists of the night, AC Slater did a excellent job of progressing his set through a spectrum of different genres.  Throwing down trap, dubstep, and electro to ensure a flawless set.  As a whole, the We Are Massiv tour put on three successful performances featuring extremely special guests that only added more flare to the already fire production. Pomona, Los Angeles, and San Diego residents who were lucky enough to catch one of these three tour stops probably still have a ringing sound in their ears.

For more photos from the event, check out the album by Kevin Serrano Here

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