There isn’t much to be found on the interweb about the trapgod, Brillz, not that he needs much explaining.  He can easily be recognized as a master of his art! As head of live coverage in San Diego, I was lucky enough to get the chance to cover his stop in San Diego on his Totally Twonked Out Tour.

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Let me just start off by saying: this was by far one of best trap shows I have had the chance to cover this year.

Show Recap:

“Brillz had no announcement when he came on stage, no build up, nothing… It was as though a ninja had taken the stage. He then proceeded to play one of the longest (past 2am curphew) and most hype club sets I’ve ever heard. He started off with a balance of originals and old school sounds (similar to his track “New Jack Swoop”). Brillz then began to drop heavy hip-hop beats, retwonked – of course.  The club went off.  People were literally loosing their minds. “(Ryan Mots -DJ) I’m pretty sure I saw this guys face explode. Having no struggles balancing old school and new school hip hop, Brillz twnoked and retwonked everything he did. Dropping all sorts of beats, from hip-hop to trappy holiday jams.

He did show the crowd a little diversity with a few dubstep tracks midset, but he knew what we where there for, #TWONKTEAM. Wish I had the entire set to post for you guys because he had some unheard-of filthy trap beats! He of course dropped his classics like Acid Trippin, Callisto, and Fuzzy Peach all the way to a retwonked version of Rachet Bitch.

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