Canadian duo, Pat Drastik and Tom Wrecks, make up Thugli.  These trap badasses just released their very first official music video for their classic track, “Run This,” off their “Onslaught” EP. Thugli has blown up tremendously over the last year showcasing their talents all across North America; it seems as though Canada just can’t keep this killer twosome a secret!

Directed by Amos LeBlanc & Ohji Inoue, the music video for “Run This” starts out following a young kid through the hood on his trap game.  He seems to have an enormous self-esteem and an obvious love for guns and badassery. The video transitions to the boy’s adulthood where, bafflingly enough, he is now a Police officer. Still equally ego-driven, the typical story line of good cop/bad cop is at play as we see the character and his partner running rampant around the city harassing innocent civilians, acting larger than life and (under the influence) doing donuts in their squad car. Drunk, loud, and trigger happy, these cops are indeed  “Running This” [Shit] with an iron fist and making their own rules!

The cinematography, production level, and twisted storyline are phenomenal. Thugli’s first official music video is an instant classic. I must say they have dealt their cards tremendously well paving only a promising future. In 2014 expect to see Thugli as a reoccurring name on festival line-ups and big events across the US, what do you think?


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Free download link for “Run This” – HERE

Written by: Becca Bradshaw