K Theory is at it again giving us another groovy electronic hip hop remix on December 19th. This one will take us back to when Outkast was happening in the hip hop world with thier track “Hey Ya”. You can’t lie, you know you used to dance around lip syncing it back in the day!

This remix will put an very interesting twist on the original track! With use of some funky electro synth sounds and complex drum kicks on top of these classic hip hop lyrics, we have our selves a fantastic remix. Even if your not a fan of the lesser heard electronic hip hop genre this track is still worth a listen. It keeps a smooth consistent beat all the way through using some of the original elements, but it also adds some unique patterns and sounds as well. This song only gets better as it goes on….

If this wasn’t already good enough – what could be better than not paying a penny for this track and getting it free on soundcloud?
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