Noisia just announced their newest contribution to the dance music scene, and it is not a new album or a collaboration. Noisia just released their brand earplugs to try and use their notoriety and credibility to help people who attend events realize the damage that loud music can do to one’s ears. Though they are not the first to do so, this is a big step in saving the hearing of many ravers. They had this to say about their earplugs:

“We wear earplugs at gigs. To protect our ears from horrible things like tinnitus. But also hearing loss in a more subtle way, like reduced high frequency range perception (how high up can you -still- hear?). Our ears are our livelyhood. But even if they weren’t, we’d be wearing some sort of protection going out to gigs. The dB levels are simply too high for your ears to manage. The cool thing about bass though, is that it enters through your body, not only your ears. So you’ll still feel all the low end (up to like 300 Hz even) while the rest is attenuated to a survivable level. In other words, this doesn’t mess with the vibe, once you get used to having plastic in your ears.

We want to recommend these plugs to you because we would like you to take care of your ears too. Because you’re worth it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.” – Nik

Purchase a pair of these quality earplugs here: