As if Klaypex’s latest release “I Walk Alone” wasn’t enough to feed us hungry fans they have given us yet another gift this holiday season! On December 20th Klaypex released a remix package for thier newest master piece! The package features 3 bangin new renditions of “I Walk Alone”. All 3 tracks stick with the electro house genre but some are much heavier than others. The first remix by PELUSSJE is the most heavy track of the 3 and contains the most dubstep elements as well. Remix number 2 by Totally Sick and is more upbeat and progressive. It calms down a lot more compared to the first one. The last remix by We Are Presidents is the calmest of the 3 and adds a chillstep vibe during the breakdowns.

Each of these tracks are worth a listen solo and they even go good as a mix too! Oh did I neglect to mention that each and every one of these remiare up for grabs for FREE on soundcloud? Klaypex never disapoints.

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