Calling all Exmag fans! The much anticipated debut album “Proportions” by the funky five-piece live electro-soul group has been released! Previously released tracks from the upcoming album, “Creep Steady (Part 1) and “Tilt Mode”, have left us aching to the core for more of NuFunk/NuJazz/NuSoul/NuHipHop MADNESS!

Earlier this month, Gramatik hyped fans with Facebook post exclaiming, “Man, I’ve been working on ”Proportions” 24/7 and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited and stoked I am by the musical complexity of this album! This is hands down the most musically advanced and mature project I’ve ever been a part of and I’m just thankful to be able to work with such awesome instrumentalists like Tyler Dondero and Eric Mendelson! “


Exmag members Denis Jasarevic, Eric Mendelson, Tyler Dondero, Mike Iannatto, and Bryn Bellomy have fully embodied and owned the soulful low-tempo sound as their image. Bluesy-soulful jazz rhythms, funky high-frequency synths over low bass, entangled with insanely eloquent guitar riffs, bounded by an elegant hip-hop feel make “Extraordinary Magnitude” aka ExMag.

Stream the full album here: Proportions (Full Album)


• True Love from the Future
• Persian Temptress
• Zan
• We Run Shit
• Give It To Me Right
• Bob Illin
• Junk In That Thang
• NuFunk Odyssey
• Tilt Mode Feat. Gibbz
• Glasper The Friendly Ghost (Interlude)
• #SuperNicer
• Juke Feat. Gibbz and Kianu
• Creep Steady: Part 1
• Purple and Blue
• Somethin’ About Your Love (Interlude) Feat. D-Smooth
• Proportions
• Fresh Prince Situation feat. Gibbz and Branx
• Takin’ It To The Max Feat. Branx and Jesus (Lowtemp Anthem)

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