ETC!ETC! has already had an impressive year in the EDM industry with his huge remix of Cedric Gervais‘ “Summertime Sadness Remix” (Original song by Lana Del Rey) and he’s back with a new bootleg of one of the most iconic electronic groups of all time: Daft Punk.
This incredible bootleg features a mash up of DP’s songs “Around The World” and “Aerodynamic”, while ETC!ETC! adds a whole new trap sound and style to it. Not only does this track breath new life into two extraordinary classics, it hits close to home for ETC!ETC!.

Taken from ETC!ETC!’s soundcloud:

daft punk’s around the world is my fav tune ever.
i mean – daft punk are my favorite robots ever.
its why my logo is a robot – its why i love robots.

hate it – love it – i don’t care 🙂

weather u like the tune or not. suck it


ETC! ETC! is coming to San Diego on December 20th at Bassmnt and Electric Sloth will be there for full coverage of the show!

Daft Punk – Around The World Vs Aerodynamic (ETC!ETC! Bootleg) is a free download on Soundcloud and it is all due to him hitting 80 thousand likes on Facebook!

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