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Considering it has been remixed a handful of times in the past two week, Waveracer has produced quite the tune.  This awesome remix produced by the underground star Sable has been reposted and favorited numerous times since its release just last week.  Sable, also known as John Dewhurst, is a producer hailing from Perth, Australia.  This Aussie is an up and coming star, which can be heard solely from this jam.  Taking Waveracer’s “Rock U Tonite” and turning it into a symphonic, mood-lifting tune gives the listener a great feeling of satisfaction.  The build-up to the melodic drop gives a sense that it will drop into a light trap beat but he takes a quick turn down the symphonic road.  Be sure to go check out and like his Facebook as well as his SoundCloud to find out more about this rising star!