SFX Entertainment, INC, one of the larger live event production companies, having connections with Made In Color, Disco Donnie Presents and TomorrowWorld, has recently announced that they have acquired Made Events. It seems that this is a win-win all around, as the members of Made Events are happy for the merge, and think that it will lead to higher quality events in the future. Since the members behind Made Events will be bringing in over 20 years of experience and those behind SFX provide nearly that much, the combination should prove to be mutually beneficial. Hopefully this is a sign that Electric Zoo will not fall into any trouble next year as it has this past, having had to shut down a day early because of drug-related issues.

The man behind SFX, Robert F.X. Sillerman has been slowly but surely picking up event companies such as Made Events. Billboard recently featured him on their cover, citing his future plans, and how he and SFX  may even go as far as to acquire Insomniac. Check out the article here.