This past Saturday a few of our team members and I had the pleasure of seeing the infamous Rusko live at the House of Blues in San Diego, CA. With only a few hours left until the show we were as giddy as kids on Christmas morning to see this legend tear it up.  Rusko, also known as Chris Mercer, has been dominating the EDM scene for years, and continues to pump out insane productions with even crazier live performances. Prior to Rusko‘s performance was the opener Justin Campbell who was throwing down the melodic-style glitch hop, only creating an epic build-up for the headliner himself.

As the show started, the first people on stage were his MC companions who were spitting out fresh reggae rhymes throughout the night and flowing insane verses over the bass-pumping madness. Following their entrance came the man we had all been waiting for, Rusko. Any who have seen him know the one thing that he always brings with him to his shows, or better yet doesn’t bring: his shoes! Yes, this genius producer prefers to do his entire set in socks, but hey, wouldn’t you want to be as comfortable as possible before you completely tear up the stage? Immediately after his arrival came the hard-hitting intro of pure filth.  What was expected to be a high-energy drum and bass intro was in fact mind-melting dubstep collaborated with bass-heavy trap.


For all you D&B fans, don’t be so reluctant to finish this review just yet because he was sure to throw down some of his most insane drum and bass songs and remixes I have ever heard.  From a pure D&B mix of “Everyday” to a version of “Rub-A-Dub Shakedown featuring the reggae MC’s live rapping, to his insane scratching over numerous songs he has coined his own, this man was on FIRE! It was like drinking three Redbulls and running a marathon with this mastermind. He was jumping around, amped on his set, the crowd, and especially the vibes coming from all corners of the venue.  After an hour and some his epic performance was coming to an end and there was only one thing missing from the set: an old-school dubstep banger.  Finally, without any sort of warning came everyone’s favorite jam “Cockney Thug” only this version was remixed to be even more filthy and perfect then the original.  Overall, Rusko did more than throw down a set to remember, and brought a whole new style of reggae/dubstep/drum and bass to the EDM scene. Check out his Facebook for upcoming tour dates to experience this insanity!

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