van-buuren            Recently, Rolling Stone Italia just offended the whole EDM culture and community.  But why would they do that?  Drug use within the EDM culture is a serious issue, but hasn’t drug use in the Rock and Roll community been an issue?  Didn’t Jazz musicians back in the day use a lot of Heroin?  Drug use has been always an issue with the Music Community in general.  There might be a lack of diversity in the mainstream of EDM, but the underground scene of EDM has so many different unique genres and artists, that deserve to be brought to the mainstream.


From the video:

What the hell are you doing?  Electronic noises you’re trying to pass off as music.  Is this your drug now?  This is what gives you a buzz when you’re up at the mixer, right?  DJs.  Criminals with a license to shoot shit into our eardrums.  Low quality MP3 pushers.   Third class whores that give it away to the first bidder.  You feel like superstars, huh?  The owners of our night time.  Heroes of the stage.  No audience will ever chant your name.  They’ll never know your songs by heart.  Because you are an anonymity    The day will come when your vocoders explode and your CDs catch fire.”


WHAT?  Why even bash a entire culture like that?  In respect to DJ’s, they also produce the music they mix.  It takes incredible to talent to produce all those “Electronic Noises” and “low quality MP3’s”.  Maybe the people at Rolling Stone Italia have never tried to sit down at a computer and actually make a dance track.  What does make sense is that Rolling Stone Italia focuses more on Rock and Roll than what’s currently making massive waves in the United States.  They also don’t seem to be caring what their parent company is doing with their magazine and brand.  This video is so one sided, made by people who don’t know much about the EDM culture.  A music magazine should NOT bash a whole music genre and community; at least my thoughts.