Little could be done to prepare ourselves for the Great American Nightmare, the brainchild of the director/writer/producer and musician, Rob Zombie.  His films inspired three gut-wrenching haunted houses complete with characters in costume interacting with visitors, running around and scaring guests. The themed haunted attractions were based off the movies House of 1000 Corpses, Lords of Salem and The Haunted World of El Superbeasto.  This 15-day Halloween fiasco was not only a scare-fest for those seeking a bone-chilling thrill-ride, but also a fix for those desiring to see many big name artists such as Powerman 5000, 45 Grave, Eagles of Death, Rob Zombie, Zomboy, Dr. P, Terravita, Dirtyphonics and the highly anticipated performance from Destroid.

Following Rob Zombie, the man behind the nightmare himself, came Dirtyphonics. This Parisian group of four put on a performance that had the crowd jumping non-stop — while simultaneously trying to figure out how in the world four guys are mixing at the same time. With music styles ranging from electro, dubstep, drumstep, and drum and bass, their versatility never allows for a dull moment. Be sure check out their full-length debut album released earlier this year entitled “Irreverence.”


By far the most awaited performance was the extraterrestrial powerhouse Destroid. The combined talent and brains of Excision, Downlink and KJ Sawka is what makes seeing this group such an unforgettable experience. With 12 hours of necessary preparation including stage set-up, syncing the midi controller instruments, and putting on the insane armor, it is no surprise why this show is one to remember.  Each suit worn by the artists consists of 300 LED lights, a CO2 arm blaster, helmet camera, and fans, as well as an entire built-in cooling unit.  This third generation of suits cost around a million dollars, made by a company in Los Angeles, and their instruments come from Star Labs in San Diego.  Each instrument was custom created for the artists’ preferences and are synced together before every show.  The group uses over 10,000 song samples during the show, and it is this communication and collaboration during the show that makes it an unbelievable spectacle.


The group started with a small tour around the US, and after an overwhelming response, Destroid is planning a new tour for 2014.  Starting in 2014, these artists will be traveling far and wide, making sure every part of the world will in fact be DESTROID. If you were not able to catch them on their US tour, then stay tuned for updates on their upcoming shows, so that you won’t miss this mind-blowing supergroup. Between the team members at the event, we probably filmed over 50 videos, but due to the thousands of watts being blasted at our face, the quality doesn’t do the group justice.  For a clear look at the masterpiece collaboration, check out their first performance that took place in San Francisco in May:


Contributing writer: Sean Stanley

Photographs by Adam Maresca