Shag is a producer who has 25 full-length albums on his bandcamp and makes some of the funkiest hip hop beats around today. He’s 20 now, and has making the same funky stuff since 2009. Shag deserves some recognition strictly because of how jammy his music is. Now, when you combine Shag, and Lamar Kelley, a killer rapper from Seattle that’s been making some great feel-good hip hop, you get a great combination.

Shag and Lamar Kelley‘s recent track “Sonar” blends a mixture of real, from the heart rap and a beat that resonates every feeling that Lamar Kelley expresses. The strings go nicely with the bassline and pianos go well with everything to make a mixture of 90’s and new school hip hop. These kind of beats are a dying breed right now, and these two have revived them.

Lamar Kelley x Shag have a new album coming together that, if this is an indication, will be just as excellent as this track right here.