TWRK’s up-to-date remix of Kanye West’s seminal track ‘Flashing Lights’ (first featured on ‘TWRK – Volume Two) does it the trap-justice it deserves. Keeping the integrity of the original track and adding in a newer, twerky zing is what really makes this tune work. The original vocals, synth arps, and a majority of the bass are kept intact; the drums and the drop really pull it together on this one though. The bass drums kick hard, just like a TWRK track should, signature claps and all.

At about 2:10, is when the remix really hits. The vocal sampling fits well into the overall feel and really takes it to a different level.

  ‘Flashing Lights’ hasn’t had a big name 100 bpm trap remix and TWRK has outdone themselves on this one.