On November 13th Hardwell released “Dare You” a new soft progressive house track featuring Matthew Koma. The track was released on Revealed Recordings and is also for sale on Beatport. The teaser is a small taste that doesn’t do this 5-minute beauty justice. Matthew Koma‘s serene vocals pack a punch on this track, and are a welcome complement to Hardwell‘s pulsing bass. With uplifting bass and calming guitar riffs, the vocals offer an extra dose of feel-good vibes. More than vocals alone, Koma’s lyrics accentuate the already high-spirited song, daring us to “feel” and “be” and “let your heart be your religion.” This optimism combined with Hardwell‘s iconic melodies and progressive house beat makes “Dare You” the gem it is. I dare you all to check it out and enjoy a new page in Hardwell‘s book.