On November 19th trap genius ETC!ETC! remixed one of Dillon Francis’s recent hits “Without You”. The original track featured vocals from the Toatally Enormous Exctinct Dionsaurs giving it an upbeat calm vibe. In this remix ETC!ETC! was not alone, as he had support from Jesse Slayter. While keeping true to the upbeat vibe of the song,  using vocal samples from the original mix this remix also adds in alot of the unique sounds you wouldn’t expect from ETC!ETC!. Ths remix has stong trap elements, but it also displays some of the original beat as well. All together ETC!ETC! does a great job mixing both trap and moombah into a strong remix of ‘Without You”. This track has a free dowload on soundcloud so be sure to grab it beacause… well.. WHY NOT?!