This brutal new Zomboy track “Raptor” was released on September 9th on his Reanimated EP. It contains some hard-hitting, suspense-building, original sounds. This track makes you want to stand up and move yourself. It is mostly dubstep but contains some trap elements as well. All around there is never a dull moment in this track nor is there in the music video that was just released on September 29th. This music video is bound to cause a lot of controversy which can already be seen forming on the facebook comments of Zomboy’s post announcing the video. The video may not be good on your stomach lets find out why.


One hint strong gore is involved so if you are squeamish, do not view this video or read the rest of this article. The video opens with the sound of sirens as a man pulls a woman in a wheel chair into some sort of wacky lab. She seems to be tied into the wheel chair headphone jacks protruding from her skin like she has been the victim of some crazy surgery. As the man looking like some sort of scientists rolls her into place he begins inserting plugs into the jacks in  her skin. He then plugs the other end of the plugs into a machine. She then realizes there is a camera in front of her. The view switches to scientists watching her on camera. They are adjusting volume and bass levels it seems. Soon afterwards the music seems to be surging into her body through the plugs. It seems as if she is possessed, the way she begins to flail around, as the bass travels through her body at high levels! Her veins begin to darken as the music progresses. Then her skin seems as if its heating up and expanding as a large bubble rises from her arm. As the music goes into a nice melodic break it cuts back into the room with the scientists in it. They seem to be taking down data. The girl is no longer being tortured with the filthy tunes… but its not over yet! As the melodic break in the music ends the scientists begin shifting knobs yet again. This knob shifting seems to cause a system malfunction as the beat picks up. She begins bleeding from her ears as the trap drop hits. More blood begins spilling from random parts of her body as the drop progresses. The machine begins to catch fire as pressure builds in the woman’s body causing her head to explode into a nasty blood splatter as the song comes to a close just as it began with the sound of sirens, Now I’m sure you can understand the controversy behind this video!