Continuing on his rise to power, Protohype has outdone himself again. His new release of the Speak No Evil EP has proven Firepower Records made the right choice in signing this dubstep dynamo. This EP is the last segment of his 3 EP series. This one combines the deep and heavy bass rocking tracks heard on See No Evil EP and the softer, melodic songs from Hear No Evil EP, easily providing for fans of all his different stylings. It also includes collaborations with Datsik, 12th Planet, Virus Syndicate and more.

The first track of this killer EP is called “Like This” and was created with fellow dj 12th Planet. It starts out with a casual synth riff and slowly grows till the drop throws down massive bass clearly demonstrating 12th Planet and Protohype’s love for heavy dubstep. The next track is called “Feeling Irie”. This collaboration was with The Frim and shows a beginning similar to Savant’s 8-bit style, but leads into a solid track more like Protohype and The Frim. “Murder Style” is a collaboration done with Protohype and Firepower Records creator Datsik. This track perfectly sums up the dubstep that Firepower Records creates with dirty, hard hitting bass that, if seen live or with a good enough subwoofer, will shake you to the very core. The next track is “Hear It Go” and was made with Two Fresh. It starts with a very melodic intro which makes it very difficult to guess what comes next is strictly dirty trap that kills. “Clap” is a trap track made with Jupiter Slap and takes a detour from the normal trap stylings to make the song quite unlike any other. The last track on the Speak No Evil EP is “Pacemaker” and features Virus Syndicate. The song starts with a simple beat and adds synths and vocals for good measure while slowly building up to a steady, deep, and dirty bassline.

As the title states, there is really no evil to be spoken about Protohype’s new EP. It’s well rounded style and bass we’ve come to expect from Firepower Records is clearly visible. Speak No Evil EP is definitely a dirty bass lovers dream and is currently available for purchase on iTunes.