Only a few weeks after their release with Foreign Beggars under the name I Am Legion, Drum n’ Bass superstars, Noisia, are back with another single, this time with some help from TeeBee and CalyxNot only is ‘Hyenas’ dark and gritty, but it airs on the eerier side of Noisia’s work. It opens with dark chords and a pulsing bass pattern until it breaks down into a creepy electronic lead. It then segues into a sparse Drum n’ Bass break with a subtle yet powerful bassline creating a hook and eerie sound effects over the top.

This is definitely a more brooding piece than Noisia is known for, but it works splendidly and feels as complete as any other of their songs. Fans of their darker songs like ‘My World’ and ‘Thursday’ are sure to love this, but it doesn’t quite have the gusto to become a hit.

Listen to the track on UKF here: