On September 30th, Moby released Innocents, his 11th studio album, and his most personal. A lo-fi, melodic spin on vulnerability, it’s possibly one of his best works yet, but make of it what you will. Many electronic artists are in the trend of giving away their music to allow up-and-coming producers a chance to re-imagine their music in new releases. Typically stems (or parts) of songs are given out to build a remix of the song with the original bits as building blocks. It is exciting to see a true legend in the electronic music world like Moby join this movement as his songs paved the way for many newer electronic artists today. And even today he has not lost his spark in making truly great music regardless of genre and style. Each song off this album stands out as an excellent and varied composition to work with, inspiring limitless re-imagination of the tracks.

Moby partnered with BitTorrent–the file sharing program designed to download large zipped files–to give out the album’s songs stems in their entirety plus a bundle to unlock the album experience: four new tracks, three music videos, and album art. Do not miss out on the chance to remix a true legend and give these excellent tracks a new life. Below are the contents of the bundle as well as instructions to download it all.

Moby X BitTorrent: Free Download.

A Case for Shame [Audio]

The Lonely Night [Video]

innocents Album Booklet [Art]

innocents Soundboard [Web]


Moby X BitTorrent: Unlocked Download

The Perfect Life [Audio]

The Lonely Night [Audio]

Saints [Audio]

A Case for Shame [Video]

The Perfect Life [Video]

Everything That Rises: Stems [Audio]

A Case for Shame: Stems [Audio]

Almost Home: Stems [Audio]

Going Wrong: Stems [Audio]

The Perfect Life: Stems [Audio]

The Last Day: Stems [Audio]

Don’t Love Me: Stems [Audio]

A Long Time: Stems [Audio]

Saints: Stems [Audio]

Tell Me: Stems [Audio]

The Lonely Night: Stems [Audio]

The Dogs: Stems [Audio]

Remix innocents: A Very Short Guide

Step 1: Get the Bundle

Download BitTorrent. Once BitTorrent is installed, download the free Bundle. You’ll get A Case for Shame, The Lonely Night film, the innocents soundboard, and the album booklet.

Step 2: Unlock the Stems

Enter your email to unlock three new songs: The Perfect Life, The Lonely Night, and Saints, two films, and links to the entire stem catalog from innocents. Click the stem links, and download the sounds of your choosing.

Step 3: Make Your Mix

To mix the tracks, we recommend Audacity. Run Audacity (or whichever audio program you like best), and import the stems. Then, start remixing. Once you’re all done, export the track.

Step 4: Share on Soundcloud

Upload your mix to the Soundcloud playlist, and share it with the world.