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The group known as Klaypex recently released their new single off their upcoming EP, an electro track called “I Walk Alone”. On top of that they also added a new member to the group, Travis, making it a wonderful trio to keep your eyes out for. This electro house banger is sure to sweep you off your feet just as Klaypex‘s songs always do.

“I Walk Alone” starts out with a nice electro kick that builds into the only sample used in the song, which is a high pitched voice that says I walk alone. It then switches into a typical Klaypex melody.  More effects and then the sample of I walk alone quickly build into a beautiful sprawling cluster of beats until the drop comes. This drop is a very glitchy sounding but is clearly quality. Overall the song does get a bit repetitive but it holds up to Klaypex’s sweet sense of sound! Keep your eyes out for upcoming EP from these guys.