The French techno master did it again with this industrial monster of a single off his upcoming album “Aleph”. But the song is not the only highlight; it’s only here to compliment the brutal music video. A few months ago Parisian producer Gesaffelstein (A.K.A. Mike Levy) released a music video for another single off the album “Pursuit”, which many found to be very well shot and artistic, though thoroughly cryptic in its use of the German “Gold Hand” concept that represents fascism. If it is not apparent, Gesaffelstein takes his music and the accompanying music videos very seriously. The music video narrative is a very bleak take on the violence and greed of the soul, a man driven defeat all his foes and claim all of their riches (in this instance their gold possessions). Driven mad by greed, he immerses himself in the molten gold of his fallen enemies and becomes a pure gold being and revels in his glory. However, after the rise comes the inevitable fall, the gold upon his skin begins to crack, and his gang turns on him and shoots him into nothingness, and he vanishes because he was only made up of the gold he so greedily craved.

The song underneath all this evokes a feeling of darkness and intensity unlike any of his songs before, a mid-tempo assault that screams early Nine Inch Nails or even 80’s German Industrial group D.A.F. in its sound. This song and music video prove only that Gesaffelstein is ready to bring darkness to counter the happiness in the current Electronic Music scene.  The single for “Hate Or Glory” is available for purchase now, and the full album will be out on October 28th.