On October 16th three well-known artists from Circus Records released a killer new dubstep track titled “Adrenaline”. Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, and Doctor P all specializing in a grittier area of dubstep work together on this track to preform a gripping dubstep experience. It was also released with the track “Let’s Do It” by Funtcase in celebration of Circus Records Facebook page hitting 100,000 likes. All three of these artists are dubstep legends making this track an excellent use of 4 mintues and 16 seconeds of your time.

The track starts out with a melancholy buildup that quickly breaks into lyrics that truly “got you going.” Its next combustion into another line of intense beats lead into a classic Doctor P style breakdown. More vocals and drum claps overtake the song, spiraling into Cookie Monsta’s epic bass drop followed by a whole section of his unique dubstep madness. After a more calm section with smooth vocals Doctor P kills it with a breakdown with a Cookie Monsta beat down dub again. The song concludes with a melody from Funtcase and yet another 8 bit style breakdown from Doctor P. This really is a dazzling showcase of true dubstep talent.