Welcome to this weeks edition of First Look Friday featuring the bass-driven DJ/Producer duo from Hungary known as Pillow Pops. The duo, composed of, Zoltán and Gábor came from different musical backgrounds but they soon realized they had something in common, their love for  “808 drumsounds and broken beats.” Through their shared passion,  Zoltán and Gábor began to produce some unique sounds in the Trap genre. On October 1st they released a 2 song EP , and if you haven’t heard it already, you’re missing out! Check out the Starblast/Twister EP on Soundcloud and make sure to keep reading because we were lucky enough to hear what these guys have to say about their roots, future plans and of course the trap scene in Hungary:


Pillow Pops is still a new name on the trap scene, tell us a little bit about the start up of the duo?

Gábor: However we know each other for a long time and we had our interests in music for many years, these interests started to come together only around 2 years ago. While Zoltán had been in the Hungarian hip hop industry for a long time both as a producer and as a turntablist, I had been dealing mostly with DJing and the exploration of different styles of EDM.

Zoltán: After playing a few little shows together we found out that our tastes differ from many sides, although one thing is sure, we both love 808 drumsounds and broken beats. We started putting our ideas together in production, and in the summer of 2012 we decided to start our collaboration under the name of Pillow Pops.


What is the Trap scene like in Hungary?

Zoltán: Any time new sounds reach the borders of Hungary, there is always a certain amount of hype. This time we found the hype not as strong as in the case of other bass music trends like dubstep or moombahton, though there are some great local producers and DJs helping the spread of the movement.

Gábor: We have the Hungarian Trap Music Community named “It’s A Trap Hungary”, which plays a key role in trap music promotion by releasing compilations and mixtapes regurarly. We have to say a huge thanks to them for giving us such huge support in helping our music reach more and more people.


I noticed you used to only post in Hungarian, now you post in both languages. Is that because you guys are gathering more fans all over the world?

Gábor: Yeah you are right. We realized that we have more listeners and feedback coming from the US, truly because of the fact that this instrumental hip hop music scene is at its peak there at the moment.

Zoltán: We do not want English speaking fans to miss anything, and most importantly, we are opened to the whole world. We want this project to be fully international.


I’ve definitely seen an evolution in the sounds you guys put out. Could you speak a little more on this?

Zoltán: It’s mainly because we got used to each other more in the last year. However we have put out just a few tracks yet, we have procuded tons of tunes together experimenting with the combination of our tastes of sound. We both have strict expectations in music, we prefer quality to quantity.

Gábor: Our new EP including the tunes ’Starblast’ and ’Twister’ represents the combination of our ideas, this is the material we are both satisfied with. We are trying to find the transition between club sounds and instrumental hip hop to create something special, that’s what we are aiming for.


What is your recording set up like?

Gábor: We have our own home setups for music production consisting of macs, audio interfaces, studio monitors, midi keyboards and mpds. Fortunately we have the opportunity to spend as much time in a professional studio as we want, as Zoltán attends the faculty of Electronic Music and Media Art at university, so that is the place where we finish up our tracks.

Zoltán: We use Ableton 9 for production and Pro Tools HD for mastering. In the studio we use a pair of Genelec 1032s and a Genelec 7070A subwoofer for audio monitoring. During shows we use the software Serato DJ running on Mac plugged with a Pioneer DDJ S1, we like the feeling that they are like timecoded CDJs but with more opportunities.


I heard that you performed the first trap show in slovekia? How was it?!

Zoltán: At that time it was only about a few months since we have started the Pillow Pops project, so we were really happy that our first gig took place abroad. However it was a little underground show, we loved the people, the place, the atmoshpere and the nice sound system. It was great to see local music lovers are curious about the beats that we only had in our head few weeks ago.


How often do you play live shows?

Gábor: We did not have too many shows so far, but we have played in a couple of cities in Hungary and we are about to play anywhere if it is about to represent the Hungarian Trap Community. We are really into DJing and building up heavy sets, so hopefully by producing more and more quality music in the future will help bringing our music to many clubs in different countries.


Will you be in the US any time soon?

Gábor: We need to make tunes, which people are digging with, and give shows which people remember. That is the only way we can we can get there.

Zoltán: We are totally ready and will do our best to rise as high as we can


Make sure to keep up to date with Pillow Pop’s, as I am sure they will be making a pretty large dent in the trap scene.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepillowpopsofficial

Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/thepillowpopsofficial

Hungarian Trap Music Community: http://www.facebook.com/traphungary