Circus Records just released a new tune that is sure to turn some heads. It is a cross genre collaboration in which Doctor P and Adam F throw down some dirty trap beats for Method Man to rap to. Seeing as this is Method Man’s first feature on a EDM track, it is an even more significant collaboration. It is also the first time Doctor P and Adam F have worked together on a song. All around it is something very different and refreshing for all three contributing artists!

The beginning of this track starts out as a typical rap track would, with Method Man shouting the three artists name repeatedly as the initial beat builds up. As Method Man raps Doctor P throws in some drum hits as the beat builds preparing for the first drop. Doctor P  drops an intense trapstep drop as Method Man throws down the chorus. Then it goes into the second verse as Adam F throws down some dubstyle lines. Then it retreats to another chorus and drop. Overall this song makes you want to jump around and mosh through the crowd as wildly as you can!